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HSAS Ltd May 2017

1. Glossary

“H&S” refers to health and safety legislation
“System” refers to the version of Risktracker subscribed to
“Users” are the people using the system
“Licence” refers to the terms and conditions under which users may operate the “System”
“Technical support” refers to issues with the functionality of the system
“H&S support” refers to advice about the interpretation of H&S legislation
“Subscription” refers to either an annual or 3 year subscription licence to operate the system.
“Intellectual property” refers to the owner of the software / the intellectual property which is HSAS
“Data ownership” refers to the data entered into the system by the licensed users
“HSAS” refers to Health and Safety Assurance Services Ltd

2. Terms of Use

Violation of these Conditions or any other fraudulent activity, including but not limited to, falsifying information or making the system available to persons not party to the licence or altering the functionality of the system in any way is unacceptable and can result in legal proceedings.

The system requires Microsoft Access 2007 or later and its operation is limited by the terms of ACCESS licence held. Any violation of these terms will be referred to Microsoft.

Intellectual property of the system remains at all times the property of HSAS.

Data remains owned by the licensee and may be exported using the functions within the system at any time during the licence subscription period. Once a subscription period has expired the data is locked within the system until a valid subscription payment has been received and a new key code issued.

Any person in breach of these terms will be personally legally responsible for their actions.

3. Fit for Purpose

HSAS make no implied or direct warranties or guarantees that the system can meet any goals or objectives that might be stated in any sales or marketing literature as this capability is entirely dependent upon the user’s assessment and interpretation of any given situation and the data they chose to record.

4. Licence subscription and renewal

A Licence runs for 12 months when it must be renewed and a period of 10 days grace is permitted. Login to the system is dependant upon a Key Code which is changed at the end of each 12 months and a new Key Code is issued when the renewal payment has been received.

Subscription renewals – Subscription may last for 1 year or 3 years. If you have paid for a 3 year subscription your key code will be changed at the end of each 12 month period and you will automatically be notified of the new Key Code until the end of the 3 year subscription.

5. Support - Technical

Use of the telephone or email addresses provided with the system. Technical support is free unless you have Risktracker Gold and a bespoke solution is required where a quote will be provided.

6. Support – H&S

Once details of the hazard have been recorded you may use the manager screen button “Seek Advice” to ask questions and send a copy of the hazard description to HSAS. Further details may be requested and a fee for advice is payable. The amount payable will depend on the questions or issues raised with HSAS and will be agreed with you prior to any work commencing.

This support service does not make HSAS your H&S Competent Person as described in the Management Regulations 1999. The advice provided by HSAS is subject to our usual terms and conditions or consultancy.

7. Termination

You may terminate your use of the system at any time by simply not renewing your subscription. All subscriptions run their full term and refunds for part period usage are not available.

This document may be updated throughout your use of the “System” and any changed will be notified by email.

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