Health and Safety Assurance Services


The Benefits


  • Create a compelling vision for the safety culture that you want
  • Identify the safety values that will underpin your new culture
  • Create an appetite and motivation for change
  • Acquire the practical tools to manage people and processes
  • Learn to successfully embed the new safety culture in your business
  • Measure the shift in culture against your vision

Developing Safety Culture

Changing your safety culture

Attempting to bring about change to an existing safety culture is unlikely to succeed unless it is carefully planned and well managed. However if executed effectively however, this change can transform your performance, reduce costs and improve the image of your business on the public and professional stage.

In an invigorating and rejuvenated environment, change can be nurtured that engages people at all levels in cultivating an improving the new safety culture.

The HSAS solution

In partnership with our clients we work to develop the safety vision that your business has for the future and identify the key factors involved in creating and nurturing the culture change so as to bring it to life.

We use a combination of bespoke processes including leadership mentoring, process mapping and highly stimulating and interactive safety leadership workshops. We work through a proven implementation and embedding process tailored to the needs of each client and help them to measure success using simple metrics.

Contact us and see how we can help you to successfully bring about culture change in your business.

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Our clients say

" Everyone is a leader the only choice is what type of leader we become" "Having been on numerous leadership courses over the years with other organisations, I can finally now say that I not only understand leadership and the strategies around it, but I can apply it to MY Director’s role which benefits the whole team “


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