Health and Safety Assurance Services


The Benefits


  • Safety leadership processes embedded from board room to the point of delivery
  • Metrics that can be used throughout your business
  • Reduced costs as performance improves
  • A greater awareness of the impact that poor performance has on the business
  • Improved understanding between teams at every level
  • Contractors and suppliers aligned to your standards

Safety Leadership

How leadership impacts safety

Moving towards a vision of zero accidents is a target that many organisations seek but sadly one that only a few manage to achieve.

Those who attain their target recognise that visible committed leadership is probably the most effective tool available to improve their performance and this applies just as much to health and safety as it does to any other business activity.

At the heart of safety leadership is an understanding of the significance of human behaviour along with the key leadership activities that create awareness and begin to correct the unsafe working practices that are the cause of the vast majority of accidents and instances of ill health.

The HSAS solution

We offer individual coaching to leaders at every level designed to create insight and understanding of how to successfully apply leadership principles to health and safety.

We also run highly interactive and focused group workshops designed around the specific need of our clients. These workshops bring together teams from board room to the front line delivery teams so as to create a common level of understanding aligned to the role that each level has in creating a safe & healthy working environment.

Contact us and see how we can help you to improve your safety performance through our leadership programme.

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Our clients say

" Very good workshop one of the best I have ever had - a pleasure attending" "Excellent – I found the whole course very informative and it has really improved my leadership skills" "If you asked me where we were with the finances I would always know day to day where we were, but now I can do the same with safety and really demonstrate commitment to this area “


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